About us

   TRUMF International s.r.o.

Czech company with a 30-year tradition

TRUMF International s.r.o. specialises in the development, production, and sale of spices, spice blends, seasoning preparations, and food ingredients. Our company is based in Central Europe, but we provide services on a global scale. The majority of our customers come from Western and South-eastern Europe, but we also have clients in the United States of America. We are capable of meeting the needs of our customers worldwide.

Quality is a fundamental value for us.

As our company operates in the food industry, a key aspect of our operation is the quality and safety of our products, requiring full certification and international oversight of our production. This ensures that our products are safe and reliable. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality and the validity of these certifications.

We hold the following certifications:

Efficiency without compromise 

With over twenty years of experience in extracting spices, herbs and other botanical materials, our clean and efficient technology uses supercritical CO2. Our technology ensures that our customers receive pure extracts without any undesired components from the raw materials. The resulting extract is microbiologically clean, free from heavy metals, and maintains a composition corresponding to the original raw material. By processing at low temperatures (typically 45 °C), we are able to preserve the biologically active compounds in the extract. Supercritical CO2 extraction (SCFECO2) enables us to achieve maximum yield, representing an economically efficient solution for our customers. 

Extraction of industrial hemp for obtaining CBD

Since 2015, we have been holders of a handling permit allowing us to process industrial hemp. This permit allows us to deliver high-quality CBD extracts in compliance with current legislation. The customer provides us with their own dried plants from which we extract the CBD. We also offer approximate measurement of CBD and THC levels using gas chromatography.

Why choose us?

A Partner for Businesses Large and Small

  • We handle both large and small orders ( we have extraction vessels for from 40 kg  to 100 kg of dried herbs, depending on their degree of grinding and nature)

  • Extraction of all materials that can be processed by this method (option for joint extractions)

  • Possibility of processing the extract for retail (dilution, packaging)

  • Output from two separators, fractionalisation of the extract (influence on the composition of the extract by adjusting pressure and temperature)

  • Chromatographic analysis of the final product (GCMS)

  •  Climate-controlled warehouses

Examples of our extracts: 

Our customers: