Our capabilities

Do you want to use your extract as a final product or for further processing, such as in the cosmetic industry, food industry, animal feed industry, or pharmaceuticals? Are you looking for consistent quality backed up with support through follow-up services, such as various preparations of extracts for further use? We're here to help!

Extracts in various forms

You supply the raw material, and we'll return it to you in the form of an extract. We provide the technologies and services to obtain a high-quality extract from your material. By partnering with us, you'll save money because you won't have to invest in any expensive equipment.

We conduct extractions of various herbs, spices, and dietary supplements. Our standard production includes extracts of Astaxanthin, Amaranth, hemp extract, cumin oil, ginger oleoresin, allspice, coriander, and many more.

Our extracts contain no traces of solvents or heavy metals which may have been present in the original raw material. The use of low processing temperatures allows us to gently preserve biologically active compounds. The final aroma remains unchanged compared to the original raw material.

It's important to choose a reliable manufacturer that conducts stringent quality controls of its products and uses high-quality raw materials. Impurities in CO2 extracts can be caused by insufficient cleaning of extracts, contamination of plants with pesticides or heavy metals, or the use of poor-quality raw materials.

We offer packaging in retail sizes. If you want to further process the material yourself, we can package the finished product into standard volume units. 

Standardisation of the extract into a carrier suitable for further use 

We offer you the option of processing the extract into a powder form by applying it to the desired carrier, such as dextrose, glucose syrup, and so on.

Further processing of the extract including dilution for retail packaging (from 20 ml)

 Do you have specific requirements? We
offer packaging in retail sizes and further processing of the extract, including dilution for retail packaging. Our packaging starts from as low as 20 ml! Choose the right option for you.

Hemp Extract

Since 2015, we have been holders of a licence to handle industrial hemp, allowing us to process hemp and extract CBD from it. We comply with all legislative regulations, enabling you to pursue your business endeavours without any concerns. 

Preparation of Raw Material for Extraction

We offer comprehensive pre-processing services of your raw materials prior to extraction, including the option of crushing or grinding the material. We have our own equipment for this, including a pin mill, toothed crusher and roller mill. This ensures the efficient and high-quality processing of your raw material.

Chromatographic Analysis of the Extract

After obtaining the extract, it must be measured to ensure that the extraction process has been carried out correctly and that our material has an adequate content of important components, such as CBD, THC and other cannabinoids in the case of hemp. Our company has both liquid and gas chromatographs (GCMS), allowing us to conduct qualitative analysis in a very precise manner. GCMS analysis provides you with information about the chemical substances present in the extract, including their ratios. This analysis also enables comparison of the extract's composition with the supplied standard or initial raw material.

Storage in Suitable Conditions

We arrange storage under appropriate conditions. Our company has modern refrigerated rooms that maintain optimal temperature and humidity. Proper storage conditions are crucial for preserving the quality and longevity of your material.